Transfer Offers



Institute of Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS)

Additive Fertigung mechatronischer Produkte
  • Construction- and connection technology
  • Production control and intralogistics
  • Handling- and assembly technology
  • Industry 4.0
  • Communication and Cooperation
  • Planning and simulations
  • Resource efficient production
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechatronic Integrated Devices (MID)

Institute of Engineering Design (KTmfk)

  • Methodical product development process analysis and optimization
  • Virtual Product development methods (CAD, CAE, KBE, VR)
  • Tolerance management
  • Rolling and rolling bearings
  • Coating development and component coating
  • Surface and layer characterization
  • Component testing, analysis and optimization

Institute of Manufacturing Technology (LFT)

  • Simulative and experimental process analysis and planning
  • Testing machines and test stands for material characterization and tribology
  • Optical and tactile measurement methods for component measurement and surface characterization
  • Forming machines for sheet metal, solid and profile forming

Institute of Engineering Mechanics (LTM)

  • Material testing machines
  • Vibration analysis
  • Measurement data acquisition and evaluation
  • Surface characterization
  • Investigation of electroactive polymers (EAP)
  • Non-linear finite element methods

Institute of Plastics Engineering (LKT)

  • Modern processing and processing machines
  • Mechanical, tribological and chemical-physical testing
  • Preparation and microscopy of plastics
  • Process and component simulation
  • Seminars and conferences

Institute of Metrology (FMT)

  • Tactile, optical and multisensorial gauges for geometric measurements in the macro, micro and nano range
  • Accredited calibration laboratory
  • Consulting and metrological services
  • Certified training in production metrology and quality management

Institute of Photonic Technologies (LPT)

  • Simulation for process and system design
  • Precision machining with ultrashort laser pulses
  • New approaches in additive manufacturing
  • Strategies and system technology for process control
  • Diagnosis and therapy with light

Institute of Technical Dynamics (LTD)

  • Motion analysis laboratory (in the setup process)
  • Dynamic internship – modeling, simulation and experiment

Institute of Resource and Energy Efficient Production Machines (REP)

  • Simulative and experimental process analysis and planning
  • Test stands for cryogenic machining, component cleaning and deburring
  • Optical and tactile measurement methods for component measurement and surface characterization
  • Machine tools for machining with a geometrically determined cutting edge